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Privacy Winner is the most powerful privacy software to eradicate Internet traces and program activities; it is also the easiest way to erase your Internet history, Windows history, Search history and Chat history. Just one-click erase puts your pc privacy under control.
Free Download Privacy Winner?!
Free Download Privacy Winner?!


There are three basic steps to the scan process. They include:

Warning: Deleting or shredding some files or pc traces can cause some irreversible damage. You need to proceed cautiously and be certain of what you are doing. It is recommended that you only remove items that you think are unwanted unused.
Step 1: Select Items and Start the Scan
To start with, you will select the items that needed to scan.
To begin a scan:

  1. Click the Security icon in the Main interface.
  2. Select the items on the top-middle part of the software and scan.
  3. Click the Scan button.

Note: You can also configure the items that you want Privacy Winner to ignore during a scan:
Scanned Items

Note: Those above are only parts of the scanned items, if you want to check them, just try the new version.
Step 2: Stop and Display
The progress of the current scan is displayed in the second step. When finished, the results of the scan are displayed. During the scan you have the option of stopping and returning to the first step.
To stop the scan and return to the previous step:
Click the Stop Scan button.

As the current scan progresses, it is displayed in the lower portion of the window. When the scan is finished, the total errors found are displayed including a list of all identified issues. Click the Fix& Continue button to go on.
Note: As the current scan is progressing, the Scan button is changed to be the Stop button. If you want to stop the scan progress, just click the Stop button.

Step 3: Select and Delete
In step 3, the scanned items are displayed. By default, all the identified items are selected for removal. You can view the location of each item and you can also modify which of these items are selected.
The main categories are displayed as seen here associated with that category hidden from view.
Select items
You can only select one scanned item you want to remove by clicking Delete button.
Delete all scanned items
When you are certain that only the items checked are those to be cleaned from the list, you can remove them.
Click the Delete All button.

Warning: Deleting or shredding some files or pc traces can cause some irreversible damage. You need to proceed cautiously and be certain of what you are doing. It is recommended that you only remove items that you think are unwanted and unused.


Clean up junk:

This function is finished manually at your own will. After your computer being used for a period of time, there will be many junks in your computer. They will cause your computer slow down, deadlock, error message etc.? This tool is beneficial for you to scan and clean up the junk and free up more PC's disk space.
Scan and Clean Up the Junk
If you are certain to scan and delete the junks, please follow these hints:
Click Scan button, first choose the directory:
1. If choose Scan all Disk in the left, then you should choose the Junks Files Categories in the right, select Default/All/None.
2. If choose Choose Directory button, then you should click the Brower button and choose what kind of items you want to scan, after that select Default/All/None.

Next, you will go to the Results Interface. When it is scanning, you can click Stop to stop scanning, and select Delete All/Delete to delete the junk.


This function is finished manually at your own will. If there are some important files or some crucial information which are necessarily deleted and could not be pried by a third party, this tool is beneficial for you a lot.
If you want to shred a file, you can choose Add Files button, while shred a directory, can choose Add Directories. Of course, if you are not sure whether shred the selected files or not, you can also give up your choice with the functions of Cancel Files and Cancel All.
There are also three different levels you can choose to shred the files in different degree. You can use the three levels as your need.
How to open
In main interface of Privacy Winner, click the Shredder button.
Note: you can use this function in a better and more convenient way. Right-click the file you want to shred and you will see the item of "Privacywinner shred files", just click it, you can shred this file easily.
Add Files or Add Directories
If you are certain some files and directories could be shredded, you can shred them one by one.
How to do
1. Click Add File or Add Directories, there will come up a popup in which you can choose the one you want to shred by right-clicking it and clicking open.
2. Choose a shred level for your unwanted files and directories at the bottom of the software such as Quick, safe or thorough.
3. Click the button of Shred
Cancel Files and Cancel All
If you are not so sure whether you want to some files and directories or not, just clear up what you have selected.
"Cancel Files" is used to clear up one of your unwanted shredding files.
"Cancel All" is used to clear up all of your unwanted shredding files
How to do
Please select them first then click Cancel Files or Cancel All buttons as your need. Thus you give up shredding the selected items beforehand.

Different Levels of Shredding


Settings include options available for you to configure so that you can automate some functions of the Privacy Winner.
How to open
Click the Settings button in the main interface.
You can also configure the items that you want Privacy Winner to ignore during a scan.
General setting
Provides information about how to configure startup items, automatic repair and shut down items.
Run at windows startup
There is one setting that you can configure to provide automatic functionality. It is run at windows startup.
How to do
Just click a hook before Run at windows startup.
Note: You can perform an automatic startup of the Privacy Winner software when you switch on your pc.
Check for Privacy winner update automatically
Privacy Winner checks for updates each time. You can check for updates any time you want manually or automatically by doing the following:
Way 1: Click the Check Update button manually.
Way 2: Click a hook before Check for Privacy Winner updates automatically.
Exit Settings
Provides information about how to set items to the ignore list.

Scan Scheduler
It provides information about your operation of scanning and repairing.
How to do
You can set the Privacy Winner schedule so that your pc is scanned automatically on a regular basis by clicking a hook before Scan every. Once you are certain of your scan especially the scanned results -Privacy Winner could automatically delete the scanned results.
How to open
Click the Settings button in the Main window and see Scan Scheduler. Information related to the state of the system schedule is displayed in the frame.
To delete a schedule:
If the scheduler is active, you can view when it is scheduled to run on a regular basis. You can modify the settings for the scheduler and you can turn schedule off by clicking a real point before Scan every.
One-click Erase
It provides information about your plan of one simple click of scan and erase. If you have selected one item to set with this function, you can then use One-click Erase to automatically scan and erase by right clicking the shortcut of Privacy Winner and then clicking one-click erase.
Using this feature, you can erase the scanned items with one simple click.
How to set
Click "set items for one-click erase",you will see a popup in which there are different items. You can select the one you want to erase automatically by clicking a hook before it. You can also select several items in this way and then click the save button.

If you are not sure whether the item you select should be erased or not, you can click a real point before the item. You can also choose to select none of them by clicking the button select none and then click save button.
Cancel button is used to go back to settings interface.

This feature is quite convenient and easy for your protection of your pc privacy. You do not have to set it manually every scan and every erase, just one click you could put your system security under your own control.
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